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About Us

  • The workshop of Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran (S.M.I) was established in 1982 with the aim of producing laboratory equipment and field mechanics, rock mechanics, concrete, cement, materials resistance, physics, chemistry, bitumen, asphalt and drilling.

    After many years of experience in the field of production, this complex succeeded with the efforts of its experienced and skilled personnel and managers, in view of the advancement of science and technology in the line of the most famous and largest producers of various laboratory and field equipment.The equipment of this company has been used by a wide range of consultant engineers, public and private contractors, universities, and various scientific-research and military centers in the Middle East.

    In 2013, in order to improve the quality of domestic production, this collection has been awarded the Royal Quality Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008. Also, due to the wide range of products manufactured and the production of advanced equipment and the emergence of geotechnical and materials resistance, we have registered a company with the brand Soil Mechanic Industries of Iranian Zamin Gostar (S.M.I) in order to facilitate the export of laboratory equipment and field soil mechanics, rock mechanics, concrete, cement, Strength of materials, physics, chemistry, bitumen, asphalt.

    It is hoped that support for national production will continue to be our top priority.

    • Design, manufacture and production of all laboratory equipment and equipment, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, concrete, cement, materials resistance, physics, chemistry, bitumen, asphalt and drilling.
    • Advice on equipping central and local quality control laboratories.
    • Advice on purchasing various laboratory and field equipment related to construction activities.
    • Advice on student projects undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate degrees.
    • Upgrading of analogue and digital devices.
    • Instrumentation of various laboratory and field equipment related to development activities.
    • Troubleshooting, repair and replacement of precision instrumentation equipment and test equipment.
    • Designing and manufacturing of various equipment and devices required for specific projects.
    • Complete installation of all laboratory equipment.
    • Complete study of all soil mechanic tests according to internationally recognized standards.
    • Provide construction and maintenance services for drilling equipment.

ADD: No. 52, 12m ROOZ Alley, 16m BOSTAN St.,
        ZARRIN DASHT Industrial Zone, DABAGHCHI St.,
TEL:  +98-21-4689 3980 (for FAX press 4)
CEO CELLPHONE: +98-912-245 5845
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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