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  • The honors of management of the Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran Company (S.M.I) have been providing the best after-sales service to our customers. The company is proud to show all the actors in the field of geotechnics and materials resistance, including academic, public and private companies, to provide the best after-sales service. Because the satisfaction of our customers with the products and equipment of S.M.I is our motto. In this regard, Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran Company is offering one-year warranty and unlimited after-sales service on all devices.

  • Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran Company (S.M.I) has been involved with the geotechnical field and materials resistance in order to accompany and cooperate with the construction industry. A brief description of them is presented to you.
    1. Build casing interface to Rods size: 76, 86, 101, 113, 131, 146.
    2. Build casing interface to Rods size (conical): 76, 86, 101, 113, 131, 146.
    3. Build interface 42 to 50, 50 to Nordmeyer, 50 to Russian Rods and 60 to 64.
    4. Build Chinese size 42 and 50 interfaces with one or two Wrench location.
    5. Gear the Rod size 50.
    6. Gear the Russian Rods.
    7. Gear the Casing.
    8. Gearing and Repairing of the Core Barrel.

ADD: No. 52, 12m ROOZ Alley, 16m BOSTAN St.,
        ZARRIN DASHT Industrial Zone, DABAGHCHI St.,
TEL:  +98-21-4689 3980 (for FAX press 4)
CEO CELLPHONE: +98-912-245 5845
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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