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Mosaic Bending Machine

Mosaic Bending Machine or Mosaic tensile strength device (5 tons), made according to Iranian national standard 755 (ISIRI 755) and for determination of tensile strength of sample with dimensions up to 750×500×120 can be designed and produce.

Usually, in most of the civil and development projects that are important for the implementation of paving, to control the tensile strength of the pavers and adapt it to technical specifications, the sample of a paved that can be mosaic, ceramic, concrete flooring tested for tensile strength with a tensile strength test devices.

EN 13748-1, ISIRI 755

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Technical Specifications:


Mosaic Bending Machine
Ordering Code



56×54×86 Cm


98 Kg

Sample Dimensions

Up to 700×500×120 mm

Nominal Capacity

5 Ton

Loadcell Capacity

5 Ton, with 0.1% Accuracy

Power Separation

1 N

Determine the speed of loading


Loading speed range

0.01 to  10 mm/Min

Display type


Memory storage of test results

100 tests

PC connectivity and transfer results to a PC


Ability to perform tests as controlled movement


Ability to plot the displacement force curve and determine the modulus of elasticity and Poisson coefficient.


Body model

Complete frame type

Maximum vertical distance between jaws

22 Cm

Maximum horizontal distance between the lower jaw

70 Cm


  • It should be noted in order to maintain and long-term performance of compression machine, it is recommended the force applied to the device does not exceed 80% of Nominal Capacity.
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