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Indirect Tensile Strength Test

Indirect tensile strength tests useful tool for evaluating tensile strength and for predicting the emergence of cracks in the asphalt mixtures. Also this tests used to assess the fatigue life and moisture sensitivity of asphalt sample.

In the indirect tensile strength tests, loading has been done by two blades with the metal strip in accordance with AASHTO T283. During the test, the samples are placed in a corresponding loading mould, and loading applied with the help of Marshal Strength Device with 50.8 millimeters per minute speed as diagonal. Final load will be measured in the breaking time of sample (two halves), and indirect tensile strength samples is obtained by using the following equation.

ITS = 2000P / πDt

ITS = Indirect tensile strength in Kpa
P = the ultimate load during rupture in kilo Pascal
D = diameter of sample in Millimeter
t = Sample thickness in millimeters



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Technical Specification:

Ordering CodeDescriptionDimensionWeightMaterialIncluded


Indirect Tensile Strength
of Asphalt
(ITS Frame)

Ø22×23 Cm

8.7 Kg


2 Dial gauges
graduated 0.002 mm

with 5 mm travel

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