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Asphalt Flask

As in the raised discussion of the Marshall density, sampling the asphalt at the site and carry it to the lab need a device to avoid reducing the temperature of the sample, for this purpose, Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran, design and made a double chamber which is called buckets of asphalt or asphalt flask.

So that a sample of the asphalt from the truck which carrying hot asphalt or asphalt projects running and which was beaten before, asphalt poured into inner chamber of the flask and carried to the laboratory, to be done on it by testing the separation of bitumen and aggregate (asphalt decomposition), strength and density measurements.

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Technical specification:

Asphalt Flask
Main container
Ø32×45 Cm, 5.250 Kg, Galvanized
Inner container
Ø22×26 Cm, 880 gr, Galvanized
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