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Asphalt Water Bath

According to the standard of the Marshall Test, the compact and prepared specimen is placed in a water bath at 60 ± 1 ° C for a specified period before being placed on the Marshall Machine to measure the asphalt strength and relative deformation.

The reason for choosing these conditions, for example, that could create the worst possible conditions that may occur in the asphalt.

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Technical Specifications:

Asphalt Water Bath
Operating Temperature
60±1° C
30 Lit
Power Supply
220 V, 1500 W, 1ph
Maximum heating time at 20 degrees without load
45 Min
Maximum heat fluctuations in equilibrium
1° C
Digital Thermometer
0-100° C, 0.1° C
Digital Thermostat
0-100° C
Internal Dimensions  L×W×H 50×62×33 Cm
External Dimensions L×W×H
42×43×16 Cm
Weight Approx.
15 Kg
Water circulation system for uniform temperature in all parts
Chambers material non-magnetic stainless steel
Body made of stainless steel and galvanized steel
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