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Flakiness and Elongation Gauge

As we know, According to shape the aggregate is classified as aggregates in terms of shape are categorized into five groups. Irregular or partly rounded aggregate, rounded aggregate, angular, flaky, elongated aggregate, between them two groups flaky and elongated aggregate, they are detrimental and harmful to use them in concrete. And reduce the strength of concretes produced according to standards the maximum amount of the aggregate 15% has been determined in concrete.

According to the standards, aggregates which the thickness of them less than 0.6 of the average size, considered flaky and elongated aggregate and aggregates which the length of them 1.8 more than the average size, are placed on the flake aggregates category, also average size of aggregate means, is the average size of two consecutive sieves, which the material is granulated by them.

The device for determining elongated of aggregates consist a number of steel rods which are arranged by specific intervals distance from each other and in vertical positions are located on a wooden plate. A number listed next to each rod, this number is proportional to the standard sieves number of the gravel range, also the device for determining of ductility aggregate consist a steel plate, which a number holes with the oval shape and specified of the thickness, in order, are located from small to large.

BS 812, EN 933-3

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Flakiness and Elongation Gauge

Stainless steel


Elongation Gauge
6.3 TO 10.0, 10.0 TO 14.0, 14.0 TO 20.0,
20.0 TO 28.0, 28.0 TO 37.5, 37.5 TO 50.0


Flakiness Gauge
6.3 TO 10.0, 10.0 TO 14.0, 14.0 TO 20.0,
20.0 TO 28.0, 28.0 TO 37.5, 37.5 TO 50.0,
50.0 TO 63.0
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