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Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)

Stone aggregates are the main constituents of concrete and concrete asphalt, therefore, measuring their resistance and elasticity is one of the most important tests on aggregates. One of the tests that are done on aggregate is impact value test. The amount of patients obtained by this way is related to the value of fragmentation and can, in fact, be used as an alternative test. Materials used to test the impact value must pass the sieve No. 1/2" (12.5 mm) and stuck on the sieve No. 3/8" (9.5 mm). The impact test for determining the impact value of materials is used to categorize gravel rocks for determining their usage in the hardness property.

Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) (٪)
Toughness (stiffness)
Super hard/strong
Very hard/strong
Suitable for concrete or asphalt pavement


BS 812-112

  • Impact_Value_11
  • Impact_Value_12
  • Impact_Value_13
Mechanism and technical specifications of the machine:

The device is made up of a very hard and heavy chassis. The weight is pulled upwards with the help of a carrier by two handles. In the upper part of the device, there is a counter and a lever to release the weight. When the carrier reaches the maximum of the desired height the lever cause releases the weight and falls on the sample. At the same time, numbers added to the counter. So that we can easily put the sample in the original location the machine has a toggle to hold the weight at the top of the device.

Ordering Code: SMAG-6100
Dimensions: Ø50×80 Cm
55 Kg

1. Sample Cup with a diameter of 75 mm and height 50 mm.
2. Tamping Rod 10 mm diameter and 230 mm high. One head is spherical.
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