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Buoyancy Test

This test is used to determine the density and water absorption Non-light coarse-grain aggregate (Sand samples range from 5 to 63 mm). The spatial density of the grains is obtained in saturation mode with the dry surface and the apparent density of the materials, by this method. The density in SSD mode and the water absorption, in this case, are calculated for grains that are submerged in water for 24 hours.

Floating Balance System Archimedes designed by our company consisting of a rigid support base frame together with a water tank located on the moving plate of the device, spool wire for the mechanical lifting of the water tank to submerge the specimen in it. This system has a flat surface to fit the balance to measure the specific density. Also, before the test is performed, it is necessary to ensure that the table is perfectly aligned for this purpose, there are four adjustable legs below it for leveling the table.

ASTM C127, BS 812, EN 1097-6, 12697-6, AASHTO T85

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Technical Information:

Ordering Code: SMCO-1805
Dimensions: 45×80×103 Cm ( L×W×H )
Chassis weight: 37 Kg
Maximum displacement of moving plate: 40 Cm
Water tank volume: 46 Lit

Testing Equipment:

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