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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

A qualitative advantage of aggregates is their resistance to abrasion. For example, when aggregates are used in concrete and the concrete is placed under abrasion, such as traffic jams it is essential to determine the abrasion resistance of the passing car floors. The cause low resistance of the seeds against to abrasion which will increase the number of fine aggregates in concrete during mixing and therefore, the designed water may not create optimum performance for concrete and also in places where concrete is subjected to mechanical hits like roads concrete, and especially airports concrete, there should be strong impact resistance of the aggregate under applied force in concrete for sufficient useful life in impact and friction, Therefore, for such cases, several experiments are carried out to determine the friction and impact.

The most common of these tests is resistance to abrasion and impact, is Los Angeles Abrasion Test. In this test, put a certain amount of aggregates in a steel cylinder and after a certain number of turning the cylinders determined the percentage of abrasion of aggregates. Los Angeles Test used for abrasion of the aggregates, it is a good test in addition to communication with the hardness of aggregates it is also related with the compressive and flexural strength of the concrete made with the same aggregates.

ASTM C131, C535, EN 12697-17, 12697-43

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Mechanism and technical specifications of the device:

Los Angeles device manufactured by Soil Mechanics Industries of IRAN Co. includes a 12mm cylindrical steel plate it's internal diameter is 711 mm (28 inches) and its internal length is 508 mm (20 inches). The two ends of it are closed. This cylinder around its axis horizontally mounted on the chassis of the machines which is rotated with the help of the driving force of the gearbox and the belt, the number of these rounds count with the help of a digital counter which has the ability to automatically turn off in the number of definition rounds. A hatch for pouring stone materials into the cylinder, this hatch is completely seamless after the closure, and the dust from the abrasion of the stone materials does not come out of it. There is a steel blade inside the cylinder its width along the cylinder radius is 89 mm (3 ½ inches) and its length is equal to the length of the cylinder 508 mm (20 inches) there are 12 steel balls in this tank which causes of impact to the material during rotation.

Ordering Code:
Overall Dimensions:
110×100×110 Cm (L×W×H)
Approximate Weight:
300 Kg
Power Supply:
220 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph
31 rpm
1. 12 steel balls
2. Tray to drain the sample after the abrasion
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