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Laboratory Hardwares

Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6207 Spatula. 20 mm Thickness with wooden handle.
SMGE-6208 Spatula. wide with wooden handle.
Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6305 Lab Scoop. small size, cast aluminium
SMGE-6310 Lab Scoop. big size, cast aluminium
Watches and Clocks
Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6510 Desktop Stopwatch
SMGE-6520 Stopwatch
Miscellaneous Laboratory Hardware
Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6601 Metal Hammer
SMGE-6605 Rubber Hammer with wooden handle
SMGE-6610 Chisel, 30 cm
Sample Containers and Moisture Content Tin
Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6710 Sample Container Ø8x5 mm - Aluminum - With the door
SMGE-6715 Sample Container Ø9x5 mm - Aluminum - With the door
SMGE-6720 Sample Container Ø10x8 mm - Aluminum - With the door
Sample Trays
Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6805 Sample Tray - Heavy-duty, Galvanized, 20×30×5 Cm
SMGE-6810 Sample Tray - Heavy-duty, Galvanized, 30×50×5 Cm
SMGE-6815 Sample Tray - Heavy-duty, Galvanized, 50×80×5 Cm
Wire Baskets
Ordering Code Description
SMGE-6905 Wire Basket - Cone shape, Stainless steel, ... µm wire mesh
SMGE-6910 Wire Basket - Cubic shape, Stainless steel, ... µm wire mesh
SMGE-6920 Wire Basket - Cylindrical, Stainless steel, ... µm wire mesh
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