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Determination of Fineness Blaine Apparatus

Whatever more fine-grained cement the contact area increases and there will be more specific surface. The type of cement granulation can be very effective in setting time of cement and having information about levels of the specific surface of cement in each cement sample is very effective in using it in the right place, especially in the preparation of concrete, in some cases, we need to a concrete which must have slow or fast setting time, so we can use it instead of using additives which in many cases caused by adverse effects on concrete, use the cement with different fineness, in fact, this aggregation separated them by type 1 to 5.

This test method, how to determine the fineness of Portland Cement by determination of fineness (Blaine Apparatus). Softness of cement is expressed in terms of the specific surface, and specific surface area of the particles is, in terms of the square centimeter per gram or in terms of the square meter per kg of the cement. Although this test method can be used to determine the amount of softness also can be used in a variety of other materials, however, it should be noted that in this test the obtained of approximate softness is preferred to absolute softness.

ASTM C204, BS 4359-2, EN 196-6, 459-2, 13286-44, AASHTO T153

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Technical Specifications:

Ordering Code: SMCE-2210
  • The main body of lethron wood
  • U-shaped glass manometer
  • Blaine solution
  • Suction Poaer
  • Brass Filter
  • Steel Cell
  • Paper Filter
  • with Carrying Case
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