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Flexural Testing for Beams

Concrete specimen flexural strength testing is a method of measuring the tensile strength of concrete. In this test measured the amount of concrete specimen resistance or a concrete piece in effect of bending force. This test by applying force to a concrete specimen with the cross section dimensions of 150×150 mm it’s done by a certain length, and loading performed with at least three points. Concrete specimen flexural strength is expressed as the modulus of rupture (Modulus of Rupture (MR)), ASTM C293 (center point loading) is calculated. It’s calculated by the method of testing in the standard ATM C78 (three-point loading) and Standard ASTM C293 (center point loading).

Flexural strength in according to dimensions, volume and of course the material gradation of concrete mixture is approximately 10 up to 20% the compressive strength of the same sample. However, the relationship between flexural strength and compressive strength of concrete and other special materials can be achieved through the accurate testing, would help in achieving concrete mixture design and the structural designing which will be very considerable.

Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran provides the possibility for the machines designed by this company the calculate the amount of concrete specimen Flexural strength with dimensions: 100×100×500, 150×150×750 and 200×200×1000 mm, by applying force or three-point loading or central point loading.

Standards: ASTM C78, C293, BS EN 12390-5,1521,13161,772-6

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Technical Specifications:


60 Ton
Flexural Testing

Model CFM100

60 Ton
Flexural Testing

Model CFM101

Ordering Code



 Dimensions L×W×H

70×75×120 , 41×41×87 Cm

Weight Approx.

1400 Kg

Specimen Sizes

10×10×50 Cm, 15×15×75 Cm, 20×20×100 Cm

Nominal Capacity

60 Ton

60 Ton

The maximum reading fault



Power separation

200 Kgf

100 Kgf

Determine the speed of loading


& Manual

Loading speed range
50  to  2000   Kg/sec
Load speed limit is a function of samples hardness. Minimum load speed increased with increasing hardness. By reducing the hardness the maximum load speed reduced

Display the speed






Display type

3” Touch screen

7” Touch screen

Memory storage of test results

100 Tests

2000 Tests

PC connectivity and transfer results to a PC



Ability to perform tests as controlled movement



Ability to plot the displacement force curve
and determine the modulus of elasticity
and Poisson coefficient.



Body model

C Type

C Type

The maximum Height between two jaws

22 Cm

The maximum Horizontal distance between two jaws

70 Cm


  • It should be noted in order to maintain and long-term performance of compression machine, it is recommended the force applied to the device does not exceed 80% of Nominal Capacity.
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