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Density of Hardened Concrete

Flotation balance system (Archimedes) designed by the company, consisting of a rigid support frame and a water tank located on moving plate, pulley with the Steel wire rope mechanically lift the water tank to completely submerged cubic sample or cylindrical samples of hardened concrete. It has a flat surface to place the scales on, to measure the density of the hardened concrete sample. Also before the testing, need to make sure that the table is the full alignment that in order to level, there is four adjustable (legs) prepare under (below) of the table.

Standards: ASTM D1883, BS 1377, 1924,

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Technical Specifications:

Ordering Code: SMCO-1805
Dimension: 45×80×103 Cm ( L×W×H )
Weight of body: 37 Kg
Maximum traveling of moving plate: 40 Cm
Volume of water tank: 46 Lit

Testing Required Equipment:

  1. Scale with an Accuracy weighting of 0.1 and minimum and at least 15 kg 0.1
  2. Baskets for Specific gravity, cylindrical and cubic concrete sample


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