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Capping of Cylinders

In testing the compressive strength in cylindrical shape of concrete, due to the need to apply uniform force on the contact area and prevent early fracture, both end of the sample put on (cover) by mortar fast harden cap. Mortar cap (Capping) of sulfur compounds and filler material (silica) is established. By mixing sulfur and silica due to standard with a certain ratio in the proper container and heating the mixture up to the melting point a mixture is obtained, which is used for capping of cylindrical concrete samples.

Pour the molten material into the lower part of a mold, which is called capping mold and then place the cylindrical sample from one side into the mold, so that's quite tangential to the wall of the mold and let it stiffen the molten mixture, then repeat this for the other side.

Standard: BS 12390-3

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Melting Pot:

Ordering Code:
3.4 Lit
Inside Dimension:
21×10 Cm ( D×H )
Outside dimension:
40×32×21 Cm ( L×W×H )
Temperature limit:
0 to 300 °C
6 Kg
Cover Material:
Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Power Consumption:
220 V, 2000 W, 1 ph
Specifications of the device:
Digital temperature display

Cylinder Capping Frames:

Weight approx


4" Diameter Cylinder Capping Frame 21×15×17 4.3 Iron & Aluminum


6" Diameter Cylinder Capping Frame

21×29×28 10 Iron & Aluminum
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