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Compacting Factor

This test was communicated in the United Kingdom, measures the density of a mixture when placed under a standard amount of work. Degree of density, which is called density ratio, measures by ratio density (true density ratio obtained in a test on the density of the compacted concrete conditions).

Essentially the device includes two conical Hopper, each with a vent (gate) at its bottom which is at the top of the other one, a cylindrical dimensions Ø15 × 30mm are placed in the hopper, the top hopper which is bigger than the lower hopper filled with concrete and leveling the surface without compression. By opening the vent (gate) at the bottom of the funnel, the concrete is allowed to fall by gravity into the lower hopper, so concrete overflow from the bottom of the funnel, this gives us to ensure that concrete value obtained in standard density, it’s not affected by human factor. Then vent (gate) of the lower hopper released and the concrete falls down into the cylinder, the additional materials for concrete leveling and net weight of known volume within the cylinder is determined, And easily calculate the density of concrete, this test for concrete with a maximum aggregate size of up to 40mm and used in road construction and precast concrete is prepared.

Equipment required for testing:
  1. Special apparatus testing (including two truncated cone and a cylinder)
  2. Concrete Sample
  3. Sieve No.4
BS 1881-103, BS EN 12350-4

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Ordering Code:


Weight Approx:
36 Kg
45×26×130 Cm (L×W×H)
Compacting Rod
Physical Specifications:
The main body of the device and the incomplete cone with electrostatic color
Cylindrical device galvanized
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