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Concrete Impermeability Apparatus

Concrete permeability testing against the water from long ago done based on an equation of Darcy (Darcy-Weisbach equation). America's Army and the Department of Land reclamation America (USBR) provide some tests which are very difficult but used to determine the penetration of concrete against the water. In America's Army (CRD-C48) pressure with 14 atmospheres and in USBR 4913 method pressure with 28.5 atmospheres applied. In these tests obtain the amount of dimensional of K and then L / T In each project the maximum amount of K is determined and necessary to estimate this demand.

Since permeability testing against the water, along with many challenges associated, another test was done in some of the European countries such as Germany, under pressure of water in a certain time, achieved the depth of penetrated water in concrete (DIN 1048-5). Then in BS EN 12390-8 with concise changes, these tests were presented it much easier, where the samples of concrete at least 28 days which should be in cubic forms, cylindrical or prismatic, (Sectional dimensions shall not be less than 150mm and other dimensions also not less than 100mm) and placed under pressure from 50 ± 500 kPa for 2 ± 72 hours (Pressure must not be on the face of trowel stretched and the samples should be placed in a special container) and then achieve the maximum depth of water penetration the parameters in order to evaluate the water penetration in concrete. Different sources of concrete classification are mentioned in DIN 1048 test but still, this classification is not provided for testing by EN method.

Standards: BS EN 12390-8, DIN 1048

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Technical Specifications:

Ordering Code:


180×100×200 Cm ( L×W×H )
Weight approx:
285 Kg Without Moulds
Maximum operating pressure:
25-40 Bar
The sample size offered:
Ø6 Inch
Usable sample size:
Ø4, Ø6, Ø10 Inch

Equipment needed for testing:

  • Air pressure cylinders 40Lit, 150Bar
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