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Plate Load Test

The purpose of this test is to help determine important parameters such as Young's module, the factor reaction of the bed and allowed resistance of materials have been tested and ultimately determine the ground resistance during the build the foundation.

Plate Load test, consists of putting a rigid plate (usual steel) on the soil and put pressure on it, along with measuring immerge plate in the soil, for the amount of pressure that is entered.

  • Normally, rounded plates are used with diameters of 30, 45 and 60 cm (respectively 1, 1.5 and 2 feet). Using larger plates (even the size of the foundation) is also conventional.
  • Quite often, the bigness of the grain size of the soil be coarser (soil is not homogeneous), it’s preferred and better to use a larger plate that the diameter of the plate must be 10 times of the largest grain size of (in) soil.
  • The plate can be on the surface, in depth on the floor or placed on walls and ceilings.
  • Due to the plate dimensions of load test, often are smaller than the size of the original foundation and penetration depth tensions in compared to conditions are smaller than of the original foundation. In case of any layering or different geotechnical characteristics in the range of the foundation effects should be avoided to generalize the results of the foundation.
  • It is evident that the test results obtained are valid in accordance with the loading, and especially in heterogeneous and dissimilar soils, in generalizing the results should be noted.
ASTM D1194, D1195, D1196, BS 1377

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Type of Plate Loads provided:

20 Ton Plate Load Test Equipment


60 Ton Plate Load Test Equipment


Equipment Needed:

Ordering Code
DescriptionTechnical Specifications


Pump, cylinder and loading Jack
Capacity 20 or 30 tons, approx weighs 49 kg,
Readings Gauge with accuracy of 100 Kgf, Hydraulic hand pump.


Pump, cylinder and loading Jack

Capacity 60 tons, approx weighs 57 kg,
Readings Gauge with accuracy of 500 Kgf, Hydraulic hand pump.


Spherical head of loading jack

Ø98×85mm and weights 5 kg.


Datum Bar Assembly

A length of 3 meters and a height of 40 cm to put a magnetic stands, 2pcs offered with each series of equipment.


Magnetic Dial Stand

Suitable for placement of sediment gauges, offered 3pcs with each series of equipment.


Pressure Gauge

In capacities of 20, 30 and 60 tons with 100 and 500 Kgf, depending on the model.


Bearing Plates

Diameters of Circle plates 30, 45 and 60 cm,
Thickness of 2.5 cm and weight (Respectively) 14, 31 and 56 kg
Or with a thickness of 2 cm and weight of (respectively) 11, 25
and 44 kg (optional)


Dial Gauges

Inflation measuring gauge with 50 mm travel and 0.01 mm division, 3 pcs offered with each series of equipment.

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