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Unconfined Compression Machine

Unconfined Compression Machine used for uniaxial compressive strength of soil. Uniaxial compressive strength testing of soil an important way to measure the shear strength of the dense soil and semi-dense soil. The UU triaxial machine for testing samples can also be used to a diameter of 1/5 inch. Devices are available in both manual and electric items


ASTM D2166, BS 1377, AASHTO T208

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Technical specification:

Ordering Code:


10 KN ( 1 Ton )
Load Ring Capacity*:
200 Kgf
Vertical Displacement Gauge:
0-25 mm, 0.01 mm
35×40×100 Cm ( L×W×H )
45 Kg
Jack displacement course:
5 Cm
Horizontal clearance:
21.5 Cm
Vertical clearance:
40 Cm
Speed in electric mode:
1 mm/min
Power Supply:
1 Ph, 220 V, 50 W
  1. Stand for vertical displacement Gauge
  2. Upper and Lower samples cap in 2 different sizes (38 & 70 mm)

*According to the buyer’s requirement it’s be able to change the capacity of load cell/force sensor.


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