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Static Triaxial Cells

Soil Mechanic Industries of Iran Company (S.M.I) produces a wide range of triaxial cells in order to meet a wide range of soil mechanics laboratory tests.These cells are designed in such a way as to minimize the corrosion. In the cells manufacturing cycle, cells produced with great precision and accuracy and particular attention has been paid to the quality such as the drilling of water flow path and grinding the loading shaft, up To final assembly and O-ring sealing.

Standards: ASTM D2850, D4767, BS 1377, AASHTO T296, T297

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Technical specifications for static triaxial cells:


Cell Model 38

Cell Model 38 & 50

Cell Model 70 & 100

Cell Model 100 & 150

Order Code






Ø25×40 Cm

Ø31×44 Cm

Ø38×58 Cm

Ø45×72 Cm

Weight approx

5.160 Kg

9.500 Kg

18.800 Kg

35 Kg

Specimen Dia.

38 mm

38 mm, 50 mm

70 mm, 100 mm

100 mm, 150 mm 

Max. Specimen length

102 mm

150 mm

305 mm

455 mm

Max. Test Pressure

16 Bar (1600 kPa)

16 Bar (1600 kPa)

16 Bar (1600 kPa)

16 Bar (1600 kPa)

Approximate volume

1200 cc

3650 cc

8850 cc

17850 cc

Loading Capacity

45 KN

45 KN

45 KN

45 KN

Components Material

Aluminum, Plexiglass

Aluminum, Plexiglass

Aluminum, Plexiglass

Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Type of case (shield)





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