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Pinhole Dispersion Test Apparatus

Pinhole Sherard and his colleagues devised Soil Erosion Test in 1973 and its results were presented in an article in 1976. The divergence of fine-grained soils start with vertical load directly with distilled water and water flow horizontally 50mm (2in) from a track 1mm diameter hole in the sample. By this load, the quality of Water extracted from the sample is the basis of Separation the divergent and non-divergent clays. Soil samples are condensing in the desired diameter of the cylinder on the sand of coarse aggregate and mesh smaller than 2mm Which is already been tested in cells, the height of Sample in the test must be 38mm. a needle with a diameter of 1mm created a hole along the longitudinal axis of the sample. The device is placed in a position where the hole is on the horizon, In this case, distilled water, respectively water loads 50, 180 and 380 and 1020 mm in the given period of time passes through the hole of the sample.

All equipment including pinhole tests such as sample mold, manometer, water tank, circulation pump, vertical load cylinder of water, hose and rubber pipe in a metal chassis with electrostatic paint have been placed.

Standards: ASTM D4647, BS 1377

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Order Code: SMSO-5500
Dimension: 40×40×160 Cm ( L×W×H )
Weight approx: 25 Kg
Maximum height of the fixed load: 113 Cm




Pinhole test mould
  1. 100mm length and 32mm in diameter with a transparent case
  2. With pores for enter and exit of water and Air ventilation
  3. Suppliers 38mm length of sample according to ASTM standard
  4. Body made of aluminum

Pinhole needle

1mm diameter and 67mm in length stainless steel with handle to guide

Wire mesh

2 Series 2 each with less than 2mm steel mesh

Needle Guided
  1. In the form of truncated cone attached to the flat surface of brass
  2. Diameter of hole 1.5mm
  3. Cone height of 12mm
  4. The minimum diameter of 3.8mm and a maximum diameter of 10.2mm

Standing glass tube attached to the ruler

Distilled water tank

Approximate Volume 17Lit plastic tank with circulation pump for water supply

Fixed load Pipe

Glass pipes to supply the water column
Sample making equipment
  1. Rammer
  2. Spacer plate
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